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Sometimes known as the horse family, equidae includes horses, donkeys, zebras and the onager. These creatures have an odd number of toes, simple stomachs, and tend to be large, grazing mammals.

Just the Nine of Us: The horse family (Equidae) includes nine species: two horses, four asses, and three zebras. Strangely, their closest relatives are rhinoceroses and tapirs, other odd-toed hoofed creatures. Today, equid range is limited to parts of Africa and Asia , but equids were abundant on most coninents until 10,000 years ago. Scientists believe that climate changes contributed to the decline in equid species.

Hungry, Hungry Horses: Best adapted to grassy environments like savannas, equids spend about 80 percent of their time eating day and night.

Social Butterflies: These social creatures mainly communicate with sound. For example, domestic horses and zebras nicker to warn their families of danger, and males squeal when about to fight over a female. Equids have several kinds of social systems: harems with dominant males, bachelor groups, and solitary lifestyles with non-manogamous relationships.

Horses Galore! In addition to Przewalski’s Horse and Domestic Horses, Equidae includes the…

African Ass, Asiatic Ass, Kiang, Onager, Takhi, Grevy’s Zebra, Mountain Zebra, and Plains Zebra.

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