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Many reptiles are have earned a reputation for being slow, but some -- like snakes and crocodiles -- can move extremely fast when threatened, or catching prey. Due to their cold blood, they must seek out sources of warmth (like a sun-warmed rock) to help balance their body temperature, and therefore tend to live in climates where it's warm all year round. Dry-skinned and scaley, most reptiles lay eggs just like birds. Eggs aren't the only thing they share in common with birds: many scientists believe that reptiles and birds are direct descendents of the dinosaurs.

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Sometimes known as 'land crocodiles,' Komodo Dragons can grow to more than ten feet and weigh 300 pounds or more.


Alphabetical List of Reptiles

Alligator Caiman Gecko Snapping Turtle
Anaconda Chameleon Gila Monste Tortoise
Asp Cobra Iguana  
Black Mamba Copperhead Komodo Dragon  
Boa Crocodile Python  
Box Turtle Garter Snake Rattlesnake  




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