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On the Brink
Endangered Animals:
Panda   Great Apes
Tiger   Rhino

Everyone can work to save endangered animals! Here are some ways that you can participate in the conservation effort without quitting your day job.

Everyone can help protect the world’s amazing, irreplaceable endangered animals.

By educating yourself about the dangers facing them, joining conservation organizations and writing to elected officials about conservation issues you can make a huge difference.

In particular, you can help endangered bird species by purchasing bird-friendly coffee products, landscaping for native plants, maintaining bird houses, and avoiding pesticide use.

Here are a few more ideas to bring out the Modern Day Hero in you:

Shop Smart: You can help save endangered habitats and animals by thinking about the environment when you shop. Indonesia, one of the world’s most valuable homes for endangered animals, has lost over 100 million acres of rainforest due to industry. These invaluable rainforests are in immediate danger of disappearing, as are the endangered animals that rely upon them. In order to be part of the solution, avoid purchasing the following items:

    Don't Buy:

    • Tropical plywood
    • Dowels made from ramin
    • Rayon viscose (a clothing fabric)
    • Palm oil-based products
    • Exotic hardwoods: teak, ebony, sandalwood or ironwood
    • and more!

    Do Buy:

    • Recycled and tree-free products.
    • certified shade grown and organic coffee.
    • certified forest products or salvaged wood for furniture.
    • and more!

Watch Some Whales: By traveling to endangered habitats to study wildlife, you are voting with your dollars--giving money to support wildlife and the environment! There are hundreds of amazing eco-tourist-geared vacations that you could enjoy.

Whale watching is one of the most fascinating activities in the world, but it also greatly increases the aquatic mammals’ chances of survival. How? Each year, roughly 10 million people go whale watching, spending more than $1.25 billion on their adventures. 87 countries around the globe benefit economically from whale watching, making whale survival a matter of national interest. Whale watching also increases the amount of knowledge of whales and their habitats, garnering attention for their plight.

In Your Community: By encouraging local stores to stock tree free and recycled products, you will make it easier for everyone to help endangered animals! Also, why not support or start community recycling programs for mixed paper as well as newspaper?

We hope that these few ideas have gotten your creative, environmentally friendly juices flowing. There are countless ways you can help endangered animals--find what works for you!



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