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Cold-blooded and usually scaley, fish live their entire lives underwater. Streamlined for swimming, they propel themselves with the use of fins, and breathe by filtering water from their mouths, out through slits called gills. Although fish are commonly kept as pets, there are others -- like sharks, for example -- which are far too dangerous to keep in captivity. Click here for more info...

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Siamese Fighting Fish (also called bettas) are lovers as well as fighters. Although the males will battle each other to the death, they take primary responsibility for fertilized eggs, building bubble nests on the water's surface and carefully carrying each egg to the nest.
A-Z List of Fish
Angler Electric Eel Mahi-Mahi Salmon
Barracuda Electric Ray Mako Shark Seahorse
Basking Shark Flashlight Fish Manta Ray Skate
Bass Flounder Marlin Sting Ray
Bull Shark Goldfish Megamouth Shark Sturgeon
Carp Great White Shark Nurse Shark Swordfish
Catfish Hagfish Parrot Fish Tiger Shark
Codfish Halibut Perch Tilapia
Dogfish Shark Hammerhead Shark Piranha Trout
Eel Lamprey Puffer Fish Tuna
Electric Catfish Lungfish Pygmy Shark Whale Shark
      White Tip Shark




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