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Mammals are characterized by warm blood, body fur or hair, and glands that produce milk to feed their young; beyond these few common traits, however, mammals are wildly diverse in shape, size, habitat and behavior. See classification page.

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Kid's Corner: Illustrated pages to teach kids what makes a mammal a mammal!
Male deer grow and shed a new set of antlers every year. In late spring or early summer, antlers begin growing with a soft, fuzzy covering called velvet. The velvet is scraped off the antlers are used for battles during mating season and -- come the spring -- they fall right off again.


Alphabetical List of Mammals
African Elephant Chipmunk Horse Moose Sloth
African Wild Dog Cougar Howler Monkey Mouse Sloth Bear
Anteater Cow Human Narwhal Slow Loris
Coyote Humpback Whale Numbat Spectacled Bear
Armadillio Deer Hyena Opposum Sperm Whale
Asian Elephant Dingo Jackal Orangutan Squirrel
Asiatic Bear Dolphin Jaguar Orca Squirrel Monkey
Baboon Donkey Kangaroo Otter Sun Bear
Badger Echidna Koala Ox Tarsier
Bandicoot Elk Kodiak Bear Patas Monkey Tasmanian Devil
Beaver Ferret Langur Pig Tiger
Bison Flying Fox Platypus Vampire Bat
Black Bear Fox Leopard Polar Bear Walrus
Blue Bear Gazelle Lion Pony Warthog
Blue Whale Gerbil Lion Tamarin Porcupine Weasel
Bowhead Whale Giant Panda Little Brown Bat Porpoise Wild Cat
Bobcat Llama Praire Dog Wildebeest
Bonobo Giraffe Loris Quokka Wolf
Brown Bear Glider Lynx Quoll Wolverine
Bumblebee Bat Goat Manatee Rabbit Wombat
Camel Gorilla Mandrill Raccoon Wooly Mammoth
Cape Buffalo Gray Whale Marmoset Rat Yak
Capybara Grizzly Bear Mule Rhino Zebra
Caribou Guinea Pig Marmot Seal  
Cheetah Hamster Mink Sea Lion  
Chimpanzee Hare Mole Sheep  


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