Anchorage, Alaska: One popular fishing spot is drawing crowds of fish fanciers, eager to feast on its shimmering supply of pink and silver salmon. Unfortunately, the crowds include a few brave grizzlies hoping to cash in on this fishy jackpot. Normally, grizzly bears steer clear of humans, but increased contact with tourists and their food has emboldened the creatures. These fish-loving grizzlies fearlessly roam among the fishermen, snatching their catch, and also drawing a crowd.

While no bear attack has been documented at the Anchorage fishing Mecca, the fishermen have not been so well behaved. One man fired a handgun into the air to scare away three nearby grizzlies.


When a neighboring fisherman objected to these measures, the gunman threatened him! An Alaskan state trooper was called to the scene, and the gunman’s weapon and, worst of all, fish were taken away.

While humans object to the bears’ presences, is their brave pursuit of fish really so shocking? This salmon-filled creek in Alaska is the grizzly bear’s natural habitat. Perhaps these rowdy fishermen are the real odd-men out.

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